You and your friends are invited to join us at the Washington, DC Baha'i Center at 11:00 AM every Sunday morning for devotions and presentations on topics of the faith.

Recent presentations have been on such themes as:

  • What Does Race Unity Require from the Baha’i Perspective?
  • The Story of Tahirih and Advancement of Equality of Women and Men
  • One Human Family: The Reality of Unity in Diversity
  • Village Nights of Songs/Music with the African Ddrum (Djembe), Storytelling, and Traditional  Dance from Cameroon (Africa) by Mr. Gustaff Besungu

Once a month there is a unique devotional presented by the "DC Area Black Men's Group". The devotional is an example of a new and growing feature of Baha'i community life: community devotional meetings designed to engage the world at large through uplifting and inspirational prayers, music, readings and more.