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This news & events blog highlights recent activities in the DC Bahai community.

See you Friday at Color of Worship!

We can't wait to see you this Friday, April 9th at Color of Worship! 

Arrive Early

Arrive early for a historic walking tour of the The Yard, the main quadrangle at the heart of campus.  The tour builds off of last year's bus tour of historic sites around Washington DC.
The walking tour will kick off the energetic evening that includes performances by the Capitol Shock Dance Team, DC Boys Choir, Howard Gospel Choir and PULSE.  A reception will follow.

Details for your Calendar

Date:  Friday, April 9, 2010
Time:  6:00pm - 9:00pm [Arrive early for a tour of The Yard.]
Location:  Howard University, Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel, Sixth Street & Howard Place, NW, Washington, DC 20059 [map]

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See you Friday!

--The Color of Worship Team


Praised be Thou, O my God, that Thou hast ordained Naw-Rúz as a festival unto those who have observed the Fast for love of Thee and abstained from all that is abhorrent unto thee.  Grant, O my Lord, that the fire of Thy love and the heat produced by the Fast enjoined by Thee may inflame them in Thy Cause, and make them to be occupied with Thy praise and with remembrance of Thee.
Friday, 19 March 2010 06:41 Color of Worship logo

Check out the performers coming to the Color of Worship!

We're happy to announce the incredible acts that will lead us in art, song, dance and prayer at the inspiring Color of Worship including:

DC Boys Choir
PULSE Performing Arts Group
Capitol Shock Dance Team, the National Collegiate Prep Charter School Dancers
Howard Gospel Choir

The Color of Worship is just three weeks away

You are invited to this special event that will be held three weeks from today, on Friday, April 9th at 6:00 PM.  Join us at Howard University, Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel for the Color of Worship: Celebrating Children and Youth.  This inter-religious worship service commemorates Abdu'l-Baha's message of race unity to Howard University in 1912.  


Naw Ruz, or "New Year" is a time to celebrate! It's the end of the Baha'i month of fasting, the beginning of spring, a time for spiritual renewal, and a time to enjoy some seriously tasty food! 

Saturday, 13 March 2010 00:00

We were excited to learn that Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty correspondent Ladan Nekoomaram recently sat down with Sovaida Ma'ani Ewing, an international lawyer and author of the book “Collective Security Within Reach,” to discuss the persecution of Baha’is in Iran.

 Article from Radio Free Europe

Sunday, 28 February 2010 15:46

Color of Worship logo
The Baha'is of Washington DC along with the Howard University community cordially invite you to an inter-religious worship service commemorating the 1912 visit of Abdu'l-Baha, the son of the Prophet Founder of the Baha'i Faith, to Howard University.

Color of Worship 2010

When: Friday, April 9th, 2010 at 6:00 PM
Where: Howard University, Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel, Sixth Street & Howard Place, NW, Washington, DC 20059.  [map]
An exciting artistic program built around the theme Celebrating Children and Youth that features musical, devotional and theatrical acts from the Washington, DC area.  

We've been celebrating this significant event for many years.  For more, read this story about the visit of 'Abdu'l-Baha to this area or see photos and video from last year's event.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 17 March 2010 15:10 )

Local Baha'i Sovaida Ma'ani Ewing was asked to participate in the interview to inform the Washington Post's general audience about the persecution of the Baha'is in Iran -- especially that of the seven Baha'i leaders who have been falsely accused and are in the midst of a sham trial.  The interview was conducted by Jacques Berlinerblau, a dynamic Georgetown University professor and touches on both the plight of Baha'is in the cradle of their Faith and some of the basic religious principles that have led them to be persecuted for the century and a half since its founding there.  Please click below to see 11-minute video.

Written by Sean Gallagher

We are happy to report that the Washington DC Baha'i Center survived the recent 'Great Storm of 2010'. There may not have been parking around the DC Baha'i Center for a week - but it looked beautiful wrapped in white!

(Photos courtesy of Tod Ewing)


Iran's Baha'i Leaders

[CANCELLED: The Feb. 7th event at the DC Baha'i Center has been cancelled due to the coming snowstorm. The Baha'is of Washington DC will be holding smaller gatherings in their neighborhoods around the city. If you are interested in participating please use the contact form and we can direct you to a local gathering.]

On Sunday, February 7th, the DC Baha’i community will hold a special public prayer gathering and informational event to show support for and solidarity with imprisoned their co-religionists in Iran, whose court appearance before the Revolution Court is scheduled for the same day.

The DC event is part of a worldwide effort to bring attention to the plight of seven Iranian Baha’i leaders who face trial on charges that include potentially capital offenses: espionage for Israel and “spreading corruption on earth.”

What: Special public prayer gathering for Baha'i prisoners in Iran
When: Sunday, February 7, 2010, at 1pm
Where: DC Baha'i Center, 5713 16th Street NW, Washington DC 20011


Click to go read the full article!On Monday, January 11, Washington Post staff writer, Tara Bahrampour, attended a special prayer gathering held in support of the seven Baha'i leaders in Iran facing trial today. Here is a link to the article that was published in the Washington Post today: Local Baha'is rally for seven followers on trial in Iran.

Also New:

State Department - Persecution of Religious Minorities in Iran

Guardian UK - Cherie Blair: Faith, life and death in Iran

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Get Involved

The best way to meet the Baha'is is to join us in our regular activities including:

*Sunday morning devotions & presentation.
*Devotions in neighborhoods throughout DC.
*Classes for children and youth.
*Study classes for adults.


Personal Intro to the Faith

Reading a web site about the Baha'is is great but what is even better is to meet Baha'is in your neighborhood.  We can meet with you in a comfortable public setting and engage in a relaxed one-on-one conversation to learn about the Baha'i Faith.  If you are interested in learning more just contact us!

What is the Bahai Faith?

Founded by Baha'u'llah in the mid-1800s, the Baha'i Faith is among the fastest-growing of the world's religions. Baha'is live in more than 100,000 localities around the world, which reflects their dedication to the ideal of world citizenship.